What is ScentClub?

ScentClub not an actual club, but an ongoing highly limited affordable offerings of "sample collections" designed to help people discover fragrances that are new, undiscovered, "under the radar" or lost and forgotten niche unisex fragrances. Every month or two, I curate 3 new fragrances, and our ScentClub team will package and ship your kit, which is a small self contained travel size box of three fragrances in convenient glass spray bottles. 

It's all about win/win/win.

Perfume brands win, because they can always use additional exposure, which is the essence of ScentClub. They provide us with the fragrance, which we decant into clear, crimped 5-7ml glass spray bottles in a kit of three.

Customers win, because they often get to be first to discover a fragrance that's new or a brand that's a little under the radar. Niche fragrances are often difficult to locate and procure, so our goal is to help you and the brand make that connection.

We win, by having a constant flow of great brands to feature in videos to share the inside details of these amazing fragrances, which helps you and again, the brands.

My followers are generally adventurous people.

"Try before you buy" saves money, which is the foundation of the club. You can share with friends, get feedback, and learn while you explore and enjoy.

Shortly after the drop of each kit, we add links with DISCOUNT CODES, so if you'd like to purchase full bottles of any of the fragrances in the kit, you'll save money and help the brand too.

And Mystery Box

The Mystery Box. Now you can enjoy a collection of unisex perfume samples of 1 - 3ml all in one order, shipped directly to you. Mystery Box is also a very limited offering to center around the perfume events I attend each year in Paris, Milan, Florence and Cannes. It's a fun way to help you discover even more new
and exciting scents to delight you and your friends.

The Mystery Boxes are available only a few times each year, so grab one as soon as they are available.