Available Services

Exploration Consultations

All consultations are in person, in my studio in San Francisco:
For people new to the world of perfumes or want to expand their knowledge and explore new scents. Discover what you can wear, what works with your personality and what does not. Decide in advance what you would like to focus on and together, we'll provide you with what you want to learn.

  • Learn how perfumes started.
  • Learn about notes, ingredients and the process to create perfumes.
  • Learn the differences between perfume notes and perfume accords.
  • Learn about how and why perfumes are always changing. Why your favorite perfume doesn’t smell the same anymore?
  • Learn the basics – notes, sillage, projection, longevity.
  • Learn the basic categories of fragrances.
  • Learn the difference between cologne, perfume, splashes, oils, solids.
  • Learn the difference between Eau De Cologne, Eau De Toilette, Eau De Parfum and Extrait.
  • Learn the difference between “mass market” scents and “niche” fragrances.
  • Discover what works for you.
  • Experience as many fragrances as we have time for.

$250 for 1 hour (By Appointment)
One hour offers a good introduction, but might be a little too fast for some people. Two hours is better, but let your nose be your guide. You can always book one hour, see how it's going and extend the session on the spot for an additional fee of $125 for each additional half hour.


Guided Shopping Trips:

I will be your personal escort, advisor and guide, for an adventure in fragrance shopping you will never forget.

  • I will introduce you to the top Sales Associates at some (but not all) the best stores in San Francisco – Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman-Marcus, Louis Vuitton, Bloomingdale's, ZGO and Ministery of Scent. We can decide together which stores to visit.
  • Includes Uber rides to more distant stores, if needed.
  • Together we will help you shop for something new or some of your favorites.
  • By appointment.
  • Shopping in Paris is also an option.

$550 for a 3 hour trip. (By appointment.)

For more information, or to book, please send me an email with your full contact information and a photo to:
I will send you a questionnaire to make your consultation more efficient.