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ScentClub Mystery Box #2

ScentClub Mystery Box #2

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It's still a mystery.

Advent-ish Calendar Mystery Box

Well, it's not exactly an Advent Calendar, but it is a big deal. As you might know, an Advent Calendar is one item each day before Christmas, so we put together 24 items to enjoy however you choose.

22 Perfume Samples
A Special Perfume Notes Booklet
A Little Holiday Treat

Black Friday is the official drop for this new bigger, better Mystery Box, BUT, we're giving you, a previous customer, an edge to purchase this amazing collection NOW.


What's inside Mystery Box #2?

1. Giardini Di Toscana - BoraBora 2023
A real olfactory metaverse, with this perfume you feel projected into an explosion of flowers: Tiare, Ylang-Ylang, Rose, Jasmine. It drags you into a joyful dance, with Coconut and Vanilla providing intense emotions. Elegant Musks and Amber notes, create an intriguing and seductive composition. 
Giardini Di Toscana - BoraBora 2023
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2. Ormaie - Tableau Parisien 2022
This fragrance draws it's inspiration from the first Parisian moments experienced by it's founder. The perfume is a unique white flower, sensual and spicy. It evokes a certain Parisian elegance with just a touch of nonchalance. 
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3. Violet Parfums - Cycle 002 2023
Embark on an immersive olfactory experience as our fragrance encapsulates the vibrant essence of the desert. Meticulously crafted with notes of Bergamot, Black Pepper, Allspice, Cloves, and Cumin, it conjures expansive landscapes, while a warm and incisive Incense reverently pays homage to the formidable, absolute deity of this arid landscape.
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4. Kajal - III 2023
With this fragrance, the top notes reveal a refreshing citrus burst intricately combined with bright and lively Grapefruit. The heart emerges with a calm union of Rosemary, Neroli, and Lavender, with crisp, spicy Ginger. Finally, in the base, we discover a rich earthy composition of Ambroxan, Patchouli and Musk blended with a warm Amber sweetness for an invigorating and zingy fragrance.
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5. Kajal - IV 2023
The opening of this fragrance reveals the warmth of Davana, intermingled with a blend of Cassis, Rum, and Cardamom. At the heart, the exotic sweetness of Jasmine and Palm Flowers merge deliciously with a tranquil Leather richness. The base leads to a wild, natural paradise with delectable Dates, adding a fruity freshness to a seductively charismatic combination of Musk, Woods, and Vanilla.
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6. Reine De Saba - Esprit Saba 2022
The perfumer imagined a fragrance that embodies elegance, allure and power. The exhilarating femininity of the Rose joins with the richness of Patchouli to reveal the potent, mystical combination of Cedar and Papyrus enhanced by the essence of Musk and Vanilla.                             
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7. Voskanian Parfums - Histoire D'Une Rose 2023
The fragrance starts with fresh and slightly bitter notes of Bergamot, Tangerine, Lime, Cedrat, Ginger and Angelica Root, then a Damask Rose spreads with strong diffusion, accompanied by Lavender. The base of the fragrance is Oakmoss, Patchouli, Vetiver, Ambergris and Musk.
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8. Chabaud - Cedre Noble 2019
The hymn to the noblest of the trees from Lebanon, a woody fragrance with plenty of character, deep and green. The power of vibrating, smoky, dense and airy Woods in synergy - the intensity of Evergreens in front of the imperial Cedar Wood.
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9. Obvious Parfums - Une Pistache 2023
Notes of Heliotrope shape this fragrance to give it fullness with Almond Facets, while notes of Incense invigorate the fragrance and give it depth. A heart of Carrot unfolds the sweet notes of the perfume and amplifies its unctuousness. It is then that Pistachio Milk reveals all its nuances, gourmand and sweet, bitter and dry.
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10. Plume Impression - Royal Bourbon 2022
A delicious, boozy blend of Dark Rum paired with Exotic Spices. Light hints of Leather and Tobacco are integrated perfectly to create an opulent, luxurious feel. Perfectly combined with the sweetness of Caramel and Vanilla, this scent takes you on an unforgettable multi-sensorial journey. 
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11. Gravel - Hazel 2023
A powdery floral fragrance, this EDP has a fresh, fruity top note, which consists of the aromas of Mandarin, Lime, and Bergamot. The heart notes are Floral and include Ylang, Iris, Fig Leaf, and Neroli. The base notes are warm and sensual with hints of Musk, Vetiver and Tonka on the skin.
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12.  Angelos Creations Olfactives - Karikia 2023
A walk in a damp forest intermingled with a tobacco wrapper that exudes deep hints of spicy, boozy richness to counterbalance the sweet scent of Vanilla Hazelnut Cake straight from the oven! Dark and light at the same time, this fragrance will transport you to a place where opposites do indeed attract!
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13.  Nilafar Du Nil - Lake Mariout 2023
When someone inhales flowers or roses, they lock in their minds forever. Wearing perfume, you bestow others the gifts of breezes of nature and guide them with you to the nooks of a garden that is alive and breathing alongside you. Intensely clean, fresh, dewy and savvy green. Sheer sensual Roses fuse with radiant Yuzu. 
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14. OHTOP - Green Flannel 2023 
A nod to a mythical perfume that was received as a gift, this fragrance evokes both the quality fabric and this house's signature color. Through shades of green and purple of green and Violet, Galbanum and Violet, its charm is expressed in an addictive woody scent with a Musk base.
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15. BORNTOSTANDOUT - Sugar Addict 2023 
Wear this fragrance on its own as a gourmand-lite skin scent, or layer with other fragrances to boost the sweet vibes and saccharine the mood. Bright white Sugary notes are spun with notes of Cocoa, Cinnamon and Vanilla, and drizzled with Rum extract and a creamy Cashmere Wood accord. 
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16. Ormonde Jayne - Arabesque 2023 
This fragrance takes you on an olfactory journey through the enchanting and mystical Middle East, based on ancient art using Flowers, Fruits and Dried Wood entwined together. A heart of Rose and Jasmine absolute interplay beautifully and creates a sense of well-being and serenity, Patchouli and Oudh transports you to another world.
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17.  BDK - Vanille Leather 2023
From the perfumer: “My intention was to combine the precious Vanilla Pod with a bouquet of White Flowers to slowly reveal its warm and sensual personality. The Vanilla is adorned with the sulfurous and slightly honeyed tones of Tuberose, then drinks in the powerful sweetness of Jasmine and finally melting into the round, carnal notes of orange blossom. To intensify the trail, I chose to work around the notes of Oak Wood and Patchouli.”
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18. J.U.S - SpicyDelice 2022 
The fragrance opens with a rich bouquet of spices: Cardamom, Ginger, Pink Berries, Pepper, Nutmeg, Cinnamon, and Cloves intermingle and join together. The floral and Liquorice facet of the Davana, equally masculine as feminine, breathes a luminous glow into this playful dance. Finally, the Vetiver, Patchouli, and Sandalwood mingle with the warm, suave Vanilla, bringing depth to a resolutely voluptuous and playful creation. 
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19. Binet Papillon - No. 21 - 2023 
This new fragrance is one of the best niche perfumes combining the subtlety of the Magnolia Flower with the gourmandise of a "grand cru" Coffee Liqueur, all wrapped in a fluffy musk: totally addictive! Featuring the gourmand notes of Black Coffee, with the gentle essence of Magnolias and Milky Musk for a comforting and addictive gourmand floral perfume.
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20. Loumari - Maydan 2022
This fragrance is an aromatic fusion blend, in which the warmth of Thyme passionately combines with the freshness and purity of Lavender. Its notes are also eminently spicy and gourmand, Cinnamon, Vanilla and Apple will reveal it to you. Truly delicious. 
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21. Hunq - Boxer #006 2023 
With powerful notes that emulate the smell of blood and sweat, this fragrance punches you in the chest with its manly presence. Stand-out notes include Cade, Patchouli, Cumin, Vetiver, Ambroxan, ISO E Super, Styrax, Petitgrain, and Geranium for a raw, ferocious, and ideal masculine fragrance experience. 

22. Jusbox - Carioca Heart 2023 
An iconic melody that begins with sparkling, sunny notes of Primofiore Lemon Oil that combines the olfactive sound of Peony, in it's heart reveals a romantic soul in an unexpected and intense combination with Sandalwood and Rum Absolute. A deep, enveloping song of Vanilla rises in the background with an elegant jazz of Labdanum, Operanide, and Ambroxan.
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23. Sarah Colton Bad Girls
24. A Little Holiday Treat

We have a very limited number of Mystery Boxes,
so if you have interest, grab one now. These will go fast!

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